The Classes & Studios

Strippers were the first teachers of pole dancing, teaching one another to improve their skills.  Later, classes for the public opened up and soon after, dedicated studios started to spring up.




Jo King started teaching pole dancing classes to the public at the London School of Stripping.  This is documented to be the 'very first company in Europe to offer.... pole-dancing.'
The company was incorporated on 26th October 2001.


In April, Rachel Anstis opened Zebraqueen in Leeds.

Uthania Jackson founded the FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) Pole Dancing School at FYEO Mayfair.


Genevieve Moody founded Strictly Pole Dancing in Leicester in 2002 and later opened The Flying Studio in Derby in 2007.

Anna Rosser aka Kate opeened Ioisis in Liverpool.


Sophia Kennedy and Sam Remmer opened The Art of Dance in Plymouth.  Sam had taught before opening the studio.


Alexe Woods and Melissa Grey set up London Academy of Pole Dancing (LAP), hosting classes in various gyms and clubs in London.  They changed the name to London Dance Academy in 2011.

August 2005 - Dana Mayer opened Rock 'N' Roll Pole in London.




Paula 'Bobbi' Vivoda started teaching pole dancing to the public at Men's Gallery, a strip club in Sydney.  Bobbi was a former showgirl and stripper in Tokyo.


Bobbi had been teaching strippers how to dance on a single pole on the middle floor of a massage parlour on Pitt Street in Sydney.  The owner suggested putting up a second pole to offer dance classes to the public.
Bobbi and Vanessa Brecht co-founded Sydney Pole Dancing School soon after.  This was the first dedicated studio, located on Castlereagh Street. Along with Bobbi, Candice Leigh, Allegra King and Jamilla DeVille were some of the first instructors.
Bobbi's Pole Studio was trademarked on 24th June 2005.




June 2003 - Sheila Kelley opened S Factor in New York.  She was an actress who played a stripper in the 2000 feature film 'Dancing at the Blue Iguana' where she got the idea to open a studio.  She paid strippers to learn their moves before developing her own classes.

Christine Boyer and Tracy Gray opened Aradia Fitness in a rented studio after watching strippers and learning their moves.


Tammy Morris opened Tantra Ftiness, near Granville Island in Vancouver, after dancing professionally for 11 years.


Fawnia Mondey moved to Las Vega and started teaching pole dancing from a Pilates studio.




Doris Arnold opened Le Studio Francoise in Sevres.  Doris was originally trained in ballet, modern, African, hip-hop and ballroom.  She discovered pole dancing in 2008 and worked as a stripper for 10 years.




Svetlana Orlova started teaching classes in the St Petersburg dance studio 'Vizit' after seeing videos of Miss Pole Dance Australia.  She had been teaching erotic dance lessons and paid a stripper for pole dance lessons.  She later opened her own studio 'Erodance' in 2007.