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At Pole Origins, we believe that learning about the true genesis of pole dancing as we know it today, should be an important part of any pole dancer's journey, for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Pole Dancing on a metal pole originated in the strip clubs, and thanks purely to the original dancers, we are lucky enough to have pole dancing as a hobby or, for some, a career. The moves have filtered into the pole community's collective consciousness either directly from the creators themselves or through their students and peers. The true history has been lost or rewritten over the years as pole became increasingly popular and gentrified so our site overall is an attempt at untangling the threads of what we have been told and what actually happened.

Until now, no-one has attempted to record or rediscover our shared history.

So, with the help of hundreds of pole dancers through social media posts, personal messages and conversations, including with the namers / eponyms / creators themselves, we have created this website as a mark of respect for all of the dancers who have been generous enough to share pole dancing with us.

This is a genuine attempt to give credit where credit is due and we realise this is a difficult task and a very sensitive subject for some. This entire site is a constant work in progress, and so can only be true to our best knowledge and with the help of the pole community. Therefore, if there is anything you see that you know to be untrue, or you have anything to add, please use the contact form to let us know and we will do our best to get things as close to accurate as we can.

The last thing we want is for our foremothers to be erased from history.



Information provided is true to the best of our knowledge and endorsed by several professional pole dancers at the time of publishing and may be updated if/when new information comes to light, and when new moves are created.  All images are shared with the dancers' and photographers' consent, or are stock photos.  This is a passion project and isn't affiliated with any brand or company.

If you see anything you know to be untrue, please get in touch.